Sonette's Story


Sonette is a qualified professional skincare therapist and has worked in the professional skincare industry for more than 20 years. Working for companies such as Dermalogica, Nimue Skin International, Skin Rejuvenation Technologies and pHformula.

She has travelled the world presenting at congresses, press events and medical conferences. Many of the South African beauty editors tap into Sonette's skin knowledge on a monthly basis and she is seen as an expert in her field.

She is passionate about the skin and enjoys changing the skin with a gentle  treatment approach through the use of chemical peels and micro-needling. Sonette specialises in the treatment of; acne (teen and adult) and the visible signs of ageing.


The Skin ID Journey

"Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time" ~ Linden Tyler